Shelby Catches Up: Quick on the Draw

Hello!  Since this blog is new, I wanted to do a fast catch up on what happened in January.

On January 23rd, I competed in my first rock climbing competition. I’m a fairly new climber, but my friends have been climbing for a while.  Our gym has an annual competition and I was excited to compete.

I came in 15th in the Recreational (Beginner) category, which is around what I had expected.  Some of the routes were way below my current grade and some were significantly above my grade.


The comp was 7 sport routes and 5 boulder problems.  You were scored based on how far you got, so you got points even if you didn’t send it. That definitely helped me on the harder routes!


I did much better on the boulder problems than I expected, which was a fun surprise.  Two of my friends competed in Advanced, while another did Intermediate.  We were at the gym all day, but it was such an amazing experience! I’m hopeful that next year, I’ll be able to compete in Intermediate!


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