My Adventure Team

If you are curious about who is in my gang of outside explorers, check out my friend Spencer’s blog post!


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Brad is my boyfriend. He’s an avid rock climber and definitely prefers climbing to hiking.  He’s known for saying “all my shit is for sale” about halfway through a trip. He introduced me to climbing and backpacking.  On our fourth date, he’d just gotten back from Pictured Rock National Lakeshore and we spent the entire time going through pictures. Overall, pretty cool person.



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I don’t have an older brother, but if I did, it would be Ed.  He’s been adventurous the longest out of the group (partially because he’s the oldest).  Sometimes, he gets into “Coach” mode and starts cheering us along.  He’s into both climbing and hiking.  He’s is definitely a mastermind for trips and using PTO to maximize time outside.



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Currently, we’ve lost Spencer to his PCT thru-hike.  He’s the resident gear nut of the group.  He likes backpacking and hiking more than climbing. He’s known for getting himself stuck in cracks and trees when he is climbing, though. He likes to eat peanut butter with tuna for lunch, which will never not be gross to me.




Emma is the flighty friend.  She is known for disappearing for months at a time. When you’re together, it’s wonderful.  She and I are kindred spirits. Two incredibly different people, who are somehow exactly the same. She likes playing with animals, popping her blisters, and singing on the trail.